“If we can bring new tools into the market that make it simpler for the next billion people to enter crypto, then all of us will win, all of us will succeed, and this entire marketplace will become really massive.”

– Micah Winkelspecht, CEO and Founder, Gem

Video Interviews

Running with Unicorns, Ep. 10
Crypto Tokenization of Real Estate
Henry Elder, Digital Assets Advisors

Running with Unicorns, Ep. 9
Crypto Security Best Practices
Alison Burger, Women of Crypto, and Calley Nye,

Running with Unicorns, Ep. 8
Crypto Prediction Markets: The Good, the Bad, the Ugly
Matt Smith, Spring Labs

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Surviving the Crypto and ICO Advertising Ban
Kelley Weaver, Melrose PR

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The Politics of Crypto
Jill Richmond, Digital Asset Trade Association

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Crypto Tax Tips
Jeff Neumeister, Neumeister & Associates

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Crypto Philanthropy Packs a Punch
Alyse Killeen, BitGive

Running with Unicorns, Ep. 3
Crypto News Roundup: A Time for Reckoning
John Marchesini, Blockchain Beach

Running with Unicorns, Ep. 2
Can Cryptocurrency Cross the Chasm?
Micah Winkelspecht, Gem

Running with Unicorns, Ep. 1
The Crypto Legal Landscape
Morvareed Salehpour, Salehpour Law

Gem Crypto Minute Videos

Gem Crypto Minute
Intro to Gem’s New Product

Gem Crypto Minute
About Gem’s Founder and CEO

Gem Crypto Minute
Gem’s Tangible Design Philosophy

Gem Crypto Minute
How Gem Is Different

Gem Crypto Minute
Goals for Gem’s New Product

Gem Crypto Minute
Obstacles the Gem App Is Trying to Remove

Gem Crypto Minute
How Gem Is Addressing Security

Gem Crypto Minute
How Gem Fits Into the dApp Ecosystem

Gem Crypto Minute
Intro to Gem’s Portfolio

Gem Crypto Minute
Intro to Gem’s Discovery Feature