We're building towards a blockchain network for the global community of companies that take part in the continuum of healthcare. Blockchain technology addresses the trade-off between personalized care and operational costs by connecting the ecosystem to universal infrastructure. Shared infrastructure allows us to create global standards without compromising privacy and security.


Our Partners

Blockchain networks require building an inclusive ecosystem of connected companies and technologies. We’re partnering with industry leaders to take an industry-driven approach to application and infrastructure development.


Gem’s first partner in healthcare is Philips. Together we’re exploring how blockchain technology can support a patient centric approach to healthcare.


Use Cases


We partner with industry leaders to identify problems they want to solve for their network, and then we spin out a federated blockchain to support the pilot running on GemOS.

Limited capacity for partners and projects per pilot. 



Powered by GemOS

Our platform creates new rails for connecting, exchanging and acting on critical data across an ecosystem.


Logic manages your Data, Identity and Networks to capture, control, and interact with critical data across market partners. Here we create Healthcare specific business functions to integrate with existing applications. 


Integrate and connect data stores to share your data while maintaining control and ownership. Whether it be your internal database of medical records here you can leverage data on the blockchain along with permissioned control. 


Connect and interact with market partners through blockchain networks. We have just launched the Gem Health Federated Blockchain, join partners or connect to any network of your choice. 


Regulate access to resources with permissioned control across multiple organizations. Patients, Providers, Hospitals, Devices, and other identity types live here to reference in blockchain applications. 


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