Our Story


Gem makes investing in crypto fun, easy, and accessible to all.

The Gem app gives crypto enthusiasts a single entry point for tracking all their crypto investments and net worth, curated discovery of new tokens and decentralized apps, and a connection to the larger crypto community with a secure universal wallet coming in 2019.

Gem’s CEO and founder is cryptocurrency and blockchain pioneer Micah Winkelspecht. Gem’s team of veteran blockchain and cryptocurrency engineers has built blockchain and wallet technology for both startups and large-scale customers including Philips, Mercer, Capital One, and Toyota. With its new crypto app, Gem is taking a more direct approach to building products for the next billion consumers who are entering the digital economy. Gem was founded in 2013 and is located in Venice, California.

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Our Team

Micah Winkelspecht, CEO and Founder, Gem

Micah Winkelspecht

CEO and Founder


Chris Almeida, Software Engineer, Gem

Chris Almeida

Software Engineer

Rachel Chao, Product Designer, Gem

Rachel Chao

Product Designer

Prasanna Kumar Dhandapani, Lead Backend Engineer, Gem

Prasanna Kumar Dhandapani

Software Engineer

Jason Dobrowner, Software Engineer, Gem

Jason Dobrowner

Software Engineer

Matt Smith, Technical Advisor, Gem

Matt Smith

Technical Advisor

Our Core Values

Make It Happen

As individuals, our innate sense of agency means we never wait around for something to happen, but actively seek ways to contribute.

Do The Essential

We have the discipline for discerning what is most important, then eliminating everything that is not, so we can make the greatest possible contribution towards the things that really matter.

Empower Others

Our success depends on our ability to make others successful – customers, partners and our teammates. When we empower the people around us, their contribution multiplies our efforts.

Destroy Your Masterpiece

We believe in complete dedication to our craft in everything we do at Gem, but we maintain the humility to destroy our masterpiece, and resign our need to be right, when superior solutions emerge.

Craft An Experience

We believe in the importance of a holistic experience, so everything we create must come from both a complete understanding of what our customers need and a vision for what will bring them delight.

Seek Knowledge

Nothing is more intrinsically rewarding than expanding our skillsets and knowledge. By engaging with people who look at the world in different ways, we are constantly challenged to learn from others, as well as share our own knowledge to help them grow.