Hi, we're Gem.

We are eliminating the hidden cost of trust.


Trust has evolved. So can your industry.

Data is the basis of business intelligence. It defines our daily lives. We spend vast amounts of time and resources creating trust networks for our data, when what we want is integrity.

In a world of increased IoT, where apps, devices, people and companies have become more interconnected, we must ensure the integrity of the data, identity, and logic that governs our interactions. And we should be able to trust the network that secures these communications.

Blockchains present new models of trust for information exchange because they have integrity. They provide a highly redundant, tamper-proof network history shared between all participants. 

However, these protocols are not a total solution. That's why we're here. We want to eliminate the hidden cost of trust, so you can build forward.


Automation with Integrity

Automation requires logic, integrity requires proof. To automate process between companies, you need agreed upon logical models that all parties can prove. Gem makes blockchains useful to our customers because we create Data, Identity and Logic frameworks that allow you to customize your participation with a blockchain network.


Unify Data Sources
Achieve Full Data Provenance
Streamline Workflows
Create Universal Identifiers
Prove Logic and Data Integrity
Employ Data Access Management



By connecting our customers to shared infrastructure, we can build cross-industry applications based on strong identity and provable logic. 

Distributed Resource Registries

Distributed Resource Registries allow us to define resources that we want to manage on a blockchain. Think of the blockchain like a universal library catalog. It will point you to resources that are stored at private data stores. GemOS employs a data connector, hash function, and directory builder that allows you to create distributed registries of any kind.

Finance: Anti-fraud

Prove the integrity of corporate filings across jurisdictions.


Manufacturing: Inventory Management

Track parts and inventory across distributors.

Multiparty Identity and Access Management (IAM)

Multi-Party IAM allows us to provision resources to authorized users across multiple systems. If we want to manage critical data on a blockchain, then we must control access. Blockchains allow data to be highly available. Multi-Party IAM ensures its security. GemOS employs an identity registry, key management service and permissioning schema that allows our customers to define and enforce global user permissions.

Manufacturing: IoT

Authorize devices to append distribution logs to include real-time environmental data.

Healthcare: Medical Records

Authorize the dissemination of health records across EHR systems based on users' roles.

Logic Automation

Logic Automation streamlines interactions with data across companies and technologies based on rules. Because your version of the blockchain is the same as mine, we can build cohesive “if this, then that” logic to automate the basics of our relationship. GemOS combines Distributed Resource Registries, Multi-Party IAM, and a logical process builder to establish continuity of logic and data across our partner ecosystem.

Healthcare: Revenue Cycle Management 

Automate reconciliation of claims between providers, payers, and banks.

Manufacturing: Provenance of Goods

Use event-triggered automation to create irrefutable provenance of goods across distributors. 

The operating system for blockchains




GemOS gathers companies into a shared ecosystem built on integrity. Our platform creates new rails for connecting, exchanging and acting on critical data across your industry.


Integrate and connect data stores to share your data while maintaining control and ownership.


Regulate access to resources with permissioned control across multiple organizations.


Connect and interact with market partners through blockchain networks.


Logic manages your Data, Identity and Networks to capture, control, and interact with critical data across market partners.


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